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I want to become a model what advice could you give me to help make it come true.

I would tell you to think about all advantages and dissadvanteges again,but I’m sure you already did it. Honestly , I’m not a model, I can’t tell you from my own experience . But I think 1st thing is you have to have something interesting in you, that’s the 1st thing people from modeling look for. Then you know all the other aspects about your body… And then you need contacts or.. There are many modeling agentures that are searching for new models every year… If you mean it seriously you can’t just sit at home and wait , you need to start trying and don’t give up after 1st disappointment :).

Guys , sorry , I din’t check my messages for a really long time , I’m going to answer them today.

Beautiful Barbara :)

We didn’t have any interview here for a long time :)